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What are the Liverpool Music Awards and who are they for?

The Liverpool Music Awards honours the heroes of the music industry in our city: not only local musicians, but also those behind the scene, who facilitate and inspire others to create and perform on Merseyside. While the scope of the awards provides opportunity to celebrate musical achievements which have gone beyond the borders of our city, at their core the awards are for those who are currently active in Liverpool.


What is the process?

Entries/Nominations for the Liverpool Music Awards 2013 will be open to the public for one month following the launch party in May. These are then verified and sent to our esteemed panel of judges. The judges then shortlist the entries down to a top 3 in each category. Once the judges have shortlisted the categories, the nominees will be announced at the infamous Nominations Party in July, and go up for public voting via the website . The winners, as chosen by the public through online voting, will then be announced at the Awards Ceremony, held at the magnificent St George’s Hall on August Bank Holiday Sunday.


I’m not from Liverpool, can I enter / be nominated?

If you are now based in Liverpool and have been active in the city during the past 12 months, then yes!


I’m from Liverpool but no longer live here, can I enter / be nominated?

This is dependent on the award. For the majority of the awards, you must have been active in the city during the past 12 months. However, in certain categories, such as ‘The Roger Eagle Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music’, nominees may be born, bred, or be currently based in Liverpool.


Can I enter/nominate in more than one category?

Yes. An entry will never be snubbed or rewarded on the basis of whether or not it’s been entered into more than one category.


Do I still need to send a hard copy of any paperwork or a CD of the audio submission?

No. The entry process is completely online. In the 7 artist categories, online SoundCloud links to their music must be submitted as part of their entry.


Why is there a judging panel?

We believe that those who are working hard in Liverpool’s music industry are the ones who deserve the recognition which the Liverpool Music Awards presents. The judging panel will therefore ensure that those shortlisted represent the best of the best which Liverpool has to offer, rather than those who hound people on social media sites to vote for them. Out of the 16 awards, the judges will shortlist 13 of the categories down to their top 3, and decide on the sole winner in the other 3 (Local Music Champion; The Roger Eagle Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music; and The Award for Lifetime Achievement).


How do I vote?

During the final voting phase, you will be able to vote for the shortlisted nominees online. In order to participate in this phase, you must register to vote. This is to ensure that people can vote no more than ONCE in each category.


How many times can I vote? 

Once registered, you can vote ONCE in every category.


Can I change my vote?

Once you have submitted your vote for a category, it cannot be changed.


Do I have to vote in every category at once or can I return at a later time?

You can return and vote in categories which you may not have voted in initially. This is to encourage people to learn more about the nominees in categories which they may not have much knowledge of, and then, if they choose to, they can to return to the site and vote in those categories.


Do I have to vote in every category?

No. We appreciate that some people may not want to vote in all 13 categories which go up for public voting. It will therefore be possible to vote in as few, or as many categories as you wish. This helps to ensure that those who win the awards have been voted for on a genuine basis, rather than voters “ticking any box” in order to submit their vote for another category.