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How did it feel to win Male Artist of the year Award? 

It was shocking really! Being nominated was a big enough deal for me, but when my name was called out in St. George’s Hall, I felt over whelmed with pride.


What were your highlights of 2013?

2013 was an amazing year, I toured a fair bit and had my New Challenger LP released in Japan. Topped with the Male Artist of the Year award, it was just…one of those years I will take with me forever.


What are your plans for 2014? 

So far my plan is simply to make music, solo music and proceed with the MiC LOWRY sound and getting them to where they deserve to be. Musically things have been going great!


Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

Right about now I’m torn between Quincy Jones and Pharrell Williams, but the outcome would be me gushing for a few hours, followed by an attempt at regaining composure!


Are there any Liverpool bands/Artists that have caught your eye recently?

Amique…he is a badass.


What is your favourite Venue in Liverpool? Why? 

My favourite venue in Liverpool at the minute is The Kaz. It’s just great. I haven’t had the pleasure of performing their for almost two years, but opening up for Snarky Puppy this May will be my chance to make up for lost time!


How would you describe your sound?                                                                      

Right now, my sound is a bit chill, soulful and reflective… I guess.


Who are your influences for the music you make? Why? 

I’ve taken a lot of influence from old school Seal, and late Marvin Gaye. It remains to be seen how well the influences come across.


Any new music releases soon? 

Very soon!…we believe May will be show and tell time. Do check out my soundcloud page for previews.


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