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How did it feel to win Single of the Year Award ? 

It was a huge relief, all the promoting and hype that was built around the song leading up to the awards was massive, everyone in Liverpool knew about it! It’s nothing that it doesn’t deserve though. Michael’s songwriting talents were exceptional and I’m so proud to be a part of something so real…it couldn’t have been done without the sheer hard work and persistence of Joe and Frances Molloy, they were wonderful throughout the whole campaign.


Highlights of 2013?

I think it has to be getting into the UK top 40 with Rise and Fall, people told us that we wouldn’t be able to do it but again,credit has to go to Joe and Frances for their tireless effort so that Michael’s music can be heard not just in Liverpool but throughout the world.


What are your plans for 2014? 

I’m currently working alongside Steve Powell who produced Rise and Fall, I’m looking at working on some of my own material in the hope that I can get out gigging soon.


Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

As a singer my idol has always been Marvin Gaye, growing up and listening to Motown was all I did and Marvin caught my eye from an early age! Then I heard the ‘What’s going on’ album and it changed the way I sang dynamically, so it would have to be him.


Are there any Liverpool bands/artists that have caught your eye recently?

Mick Head- I supported him in the Kazimier and he blew me away! It’s different to what you hear on the radio, it comes from within…it’s real.


What is your favourite Venue in Liverpool? Why? 

There’s a couple which I’ve enjoyed playing in, the Kazimier’s a cool, quirky venue which is a fun place to play but I’ve always liked the Zanzibar! I’ve always been impressed by the sound and the fact it’s so small makes it even more intimate.


How would you describe your sound?      

It’s hard to say really, I think there’s obviously soul influences but I love my rock and my blues, I try to interpret it all together to form some kind of a noise through my voice.


Who are your influences for the music you make? Why? 

Apart from the soul, blues and rock artists I think I’d have to say Michael,having not just a close friendship but a musical connection with him spurs me on to continue in a career with music and I have learnt so much from him musically and in life. He is the reason why I sing today and he is the reason why I write the music I love and believe in.


Any new music releases soon? 

Right now I’m keeping my cards close to my chest. I’m looking at continuing to write until I am satisfied with what I’ve got! who knows when that’ll be, but hopefully I can start progressing a little bit more in the near future.


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