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What were your highlights of 2013?


I think our show at the LIMF was a highlight, not just the show in the day but the whole day for us. Was great weather and the show went well, got a lot of new fans, a lot of younger fans from that show. Then the awards ceremony in the night and the award win. The whole day was a high for us.


 What are your plans for 2014? 

We are in the process of pre production for an album at the moment, although we have a couple of tracks we are still trying to write we are just deciding what older songs we are going to re-invent and re-produce. We are embarking on a spring tour at the moment including Norway, Holland and Germany. Summer tour as well including sunny Scotland (the most exotic of the places we are visiting) and then later this year hopefully do some more Liverpool shows and release this album.


Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

I think every band member would have a different answer to that, I think it would probably be writing some stuff with John Lennon or George Harrison. They were both amazing songwriters and it’s a shame they have gone. But we defiantly could write some songs with them (in our heads anyway)


What is your favourite venue in Liverpool? Why? 

The Kazimier hands down, we’ve had some amazing shows there! Hopefully we can get back there one day.


Who are your influences for the music you make? Why? 

All of us are inspired by different music and that all comes through when we try piece a tune together. Main inspiration for us is probably a mixture of Beatles/ Crosby Stills & Nash harmonies with just inspiration drawn from all other music we listen to in terms of melody and chord structures.


Any new music releases soon? 

We’ve just recorded a new tune and we are still debating if it is a potential release now, or save it for the album.


How did it feel to win  band of the year? 

It felt good to win band of the year. We work very hard all year around, just to be put up for that kind of nomination almost let’s us know that people can see the hard work we are putting in. Does mean there’s nothing for us this year though. Unless we get an album out really quick… Who knows!


Are there any Liverpool band/Artists that have caught your eye recently?

I always stick by particular Liverpool artists that I feel we are currently growing with. My favourites at the moment are Outfit, Springtime Anchorage and those lovely lads we love to hate The Tea Street Band!


How would you describe your sound? 

Our sound is always growing and we believe we are finally getting there. I would try to define it as indie/country if that is a genre that could possibly exist.


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