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"I am really excited to be one of the judges for the Liverpool Music Awards. The city has been at the forefront of the music scene for over 60 years and has consistently produced amazing talent. I feel extremely privileged to come from Liverpool and have the opportunity to play the music from my hometown on my Radio 2 show. These awards recognise the abundance of wonderful music coming out of Liverpool. Long may it continue."

Janice Long
BBC Radio 2

“I’m really looking forward to the awards and meeting my fellow judges. There is such a wide diversity in the judges profiles that we probably hear the same things through different ears. There will be clashes of opinions, fist fights, tears, insults by email, text and tweets and some threatened walk outs and that’s just our Lee! Obviously it’s a great pleasure working with my son Lee though as usual people will mistake us for brothers. I only hope the room is big enough to withstand his after shave lotion! The Rider in his contract stipulates there must always be a Mirror within two feet. There will of course be disagreement between Lee and I as there was only two weeks ago when I told him I was stopping his pocket money. Seriously I’m very proud of Lee and the way he’s progressed in music and radio with little or no help from his dad. One thing we both share though we both have commercial ears.”

Billy Butler
BBC Radio Merseyside

“I can’t wait to be involved with the awards and I've had so many people talking to me about it. Such an amazing judging panel too, including my old dad. Liverpool has always had a massive club scene and from the amazing nights in Quadrant Park and The State then Cream , Buzz and Club 051. Liverpool always had so many amazing clubs to choose from but now none of the above are open weekly. I’ve played at all the above so I couldn’t pick out one as the most special . Bar culture has affected Liverpool clubbing and now only Garlands stands as the only weekly sat night from that era. That’s why the old Skool nights are such a success as that generation love there tunes. I feel quite proud judging alongside my dad and if I can be half as successful as him then that will do for me."

Lee Butler
Radio City 96.7

"I was delighted to be invited to be a judge for this year's Liverpool Music Awards. When I arrived in Liverpool in the early 80's and set Sense of Sound up with my colleagues the creative landscape was very different from the way it is now. There is no denying that Liverpool's musical heritage is extremely rich and highly respected globally but I have always been aware of the need for more diversity regarding cultural representation. The internet is enabling artists to get their music heard by the masses without the same need for music industry intervention and as such we have seen massive changes in what we now have access to hearing and investing it. Crowd funding, music pledging and social networking in general have given us more choices as to what we can search for and listen to which in turn has meant that a pletheora of new music has filtered through to us like never before. I find this incredibly refreshing and the Liverpool Music Awards is a way of celebrating these musical offerings and achievements in a positive and impactful way.
It takes courage to live a creative life as there are never any guarantees so I am continually respectful of all artists and organisations, aspiring and established who follow their creative passions fearlessly without apology. I strongly believe these awards will give a platform to those who have captured the hearts, minds and commitment of their supporters and I wish the Liverpool Music Awards the best of luck in its endeavours"

Jennifer John
Sense of Sound

“Liverpool is the musical heartbeat of these islands, of north-west Europe, of the western Palearctic ... one of the most important places for music in the world. We inherently know this, and yet we are only just starting to grab hold of the fact, to develop it, and realise just how much we have given the world, to get it in context with the handful of other great musical cities who are our peers, and to understand just how much more we have to give. Some of that is about our past and our heritage, including having Britain’s oldest symphony orchestra, the vast legacy of sea songs, and of course Merseybeat; a huge part of that is about hard work now, and in the future, in developing music, musicians, music business and music in transforming society. But it must also be about recognising, praising and celebrating our present achievements, in all areas of music. And that’s why launching these awards is the right idea, at the right time, in the right place. We have an extraordinarily – perhaps the most extraordinarily- musical city. I’m delighted to be asked to be part of reflecting on how we recognise our current excellence, and in so doing look at how we maintain and develop the incredible lead that Liverpool has given the world in so many areas of music and its associated businesses."

Simon Glinn
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

"Everyone talks about performers, few about those who make performance possible. These awards recognise all the key players … beyond those with an instrument."

Mark Featherstone-Witty

"It’s remarkable that it’s taken almost 50 years since Mersey Beat used to publish its Readers’ Poll for Liverpool to start showing the rest of the world who makes music here and why they’re so good. I’m glad also that the awards consider the people behind the scenes, behind the music. This will be a great event and one that deserves to be up there with the Mercury and the Brit Awards."

Dr. Mike Jones
The University of Liverpool

"Liverpool leads the world in music. From the classical splendour of the philharmonic, through merseybeat and now with a new generation of talent, the city has always had music at its heart. Liverpool exports not only musicians, but also technicians, producers and songwriters around the world, drawing on the best of the past while always looking to the future. I'm looking forward to helping recognise some of the most influential figures who make the city the true capital of music."

Jade Wright
Liverpool ECHO

"That line about how much talent there is here seems like a bit of a cliché but it's actually true - we continue to challenge and entertain in equal measure. Liverpool needs events like this that highlight and reward the best talent the city has to offer."

Dave Monks
BBC Radio Merseyside